5 Tips Every First Time Frio River Cabin Guest Needs to Know

Thousands of visitors flock to the Frio River each year to enjoy the rugged and beautiful Texas hill country. For a lot of those vacationers, they choose to stay in a Frio River cabin to enhance their experience. A cabin on the river is a great option for those planning on taking advantage of the many water activities available. Cabins are convenient and certainly more comfortable than camping. If you are a first time cabin user, though, consider the following five tips to make the most of your trip:

1. Consider your location.

The Frio River runs through several counties, including Uvalde County, and makes its way through Leakey, Concan, Utopia and also Garner State Park. The state park is better for those who like crowds, while areas like Utopia and Concan are less crowded. More rural areas offer more rugged beauty and privacy while more popular areas can afford more activity. Consider Concan for a smaller town that offers access to tubes and kayak rentals but is still less crowded than other, larger areas.

2. Know which amenities are important to you.

There are cabins available for most needs. Consider whether you are looking for a more rugged experience or in the market for a more luxurious stay. There are cabins that come furnished while others require the user to bring linens, etc. Frio River cabins come in different states and are rented privately by families and also by larger companies. Privately owned cabins can offer unique and personal experiences while others owned by larger entities can save you time and money. Just evaluate your needs first to know which type of cabin you are searching.

3. Travel during the off-season to save money.

Summertime and the weeks of Spring Break are probably the busiest times of the year for the Frio River. When the sun is shining and the Texas heat is reigning, the Frio River offers visitors a chance to enjoy the outdoors while staying cool – a rarity for a Hill County summer. However, the Frio River is a great option during the cooler months, as well, for those enjoy hiking, kayaking and fishing. A bonus for the off-season months includes deals and specials. Take a look online to find these coupons and special offers or contact the visitors’ bureau.

4. Plan to plan ahead.

If you are looking to stay during the busy season, make sure you make your reservations early. Many places, like the local state park, fill quickly. As an added perk for reserving early, you may encounter specials. Sometimes discounts are available for rentals, including tubes, kayaks, coolers, etc. Take a look in the area, as well, for special festivals and local attractions.

5. Use the resources available!

Today’s technology enables vacationers to plan early and thoroughly. Don’t forget the local visitors’ bureaus as well as the Chamber of Commerce centers and tourist centers. Local residents who know the area well and can offer great tips and suggestions for finding a Frio River cabin often work in these offices.

When Nature Gives Us Back The Long Needed Energy

Nature gives us so much more than just fresh air and pretty flowers to look at. It gives us a chance to realize who we are and most how small most of our problems actually are when looking at them from another perspective. In nature, we can relax, get room to breathe, catch some sun and vitamin D, and we can take the silence as an opportunity to be silent inside of ourselves.

Letting all the stressful thoughts from work, family, your partner, go. Trying to remember what is important in life and think of what we would like to have more in our daily life. Laugh more? Giving ourselves time outs to breathe deeply, calm our thoughts and recharge? Spending more time with family and friends and feel the love?

A Retreat is the perfect way to recharge your batteries. Enjoy a stay in the mountains, with fresh clear air to breathe every day, go hiking, spend a day at a mountain lake, eat well and healthy, sleep a lot and deeply and just relax. You will realize how tired you might be from all the stressful weeks at work and you in combination with the fresh air, you will even feel more like sleeping a lot. That’s fine because we can recover through sleep and it improves our health.

When being outside you also get a chance to move. Not matter if you like to go hiking, do a bike tour, go skiing in winter or enjoy a long walk in the snow, it will make you feel better and it clears your mind.

There are several places all over the world that are just perfect when it comes to relaxing and recharging in the mountains. One of them is certainly Austria. They have beautiful mountains, great hotels, friendly staff and amazing food. You will also find Retreat Hotels as the “Hotel Goldener Berg” in Oberlech which puts a focus on health food, relaxing and also gives the chance to move as much as possible outside. The view is just gorgeous and you will feel relaxed once you arrive at this place.

There are of course several other great Retreat places which also are very specialized in taking care of your health.

Nature Retreats are great for business man as well. Having a change to get yourself through a digital detox with no phone or Wi-Fi would be just perfect to take a step back from the busy world. Together with a coach you can go outside and see the world with different eyes. For once it’s not important what numbers you bring, but more important to think of who you are who you want to be in the future. Will you remember back home, to take a step back, to relax from time to time, to also put away your phone and computer to see the beauty of things around you?

The Adventures and Risks of Geocaching

Have you ever gone treasure hunting? Do you remember playing hide and seek growing up? While on vacation, do you enjoy sightseeing, but sometimes like doing it independently instead of the being held hostage by the constraints of tour groups? An old game called letterboxing has influenced a modern, digitized and mobile game, using GPS-enabled devices, called geocaching.

Geocaching, a recreational outdoor activity gives participants the ability to use their mobile and other GPS-enabled devices to hunt for geocaches. Geocaches, or caches (waterproof containers) can be placed anywhere around the globe. These caches can contain a logbook and writing instrument, allowing the seeker to sign the log and return the container exactly as it was found. Sometimes these boxes contain items that can be used for trading. The geocacher, the person participating in geocaching, enters the date they found the cache and by using an established code name, signs the log. There are several types of geocaches depending on whether or not you want something traditional or daring. The different types include a multiple locations cache, an event cache with multiple participants, or an initiative involving a geocaching community, just to name few.

This techie-driven adventure can introduce unique experiences, while exploring new and exciting destinations. There are also risks involved that geocachers must be aware of. In light of local and national security, law enforcement officials find the placement of certain caches problematic. They may be placed in hidden spaces where the container looks suspicious or threatening. Depending on locations, other risks tag searchers appearing to look a little shady especially if they are seeking around buildings, structures, residential areas or near schools. Placement of these containers could also be considered in some situations as littering. Precautions must be taken when placing these containers in designated areas so that geocachers are not encouraged to trespass or find themselves in harm’s way (near high voltage or risky locations).

Could geocaching become the new modern-day tour guide? Clues are used to reference landmarks and other caches. For the independent, recreational tourist this will certainly introduce them to a new adventure, by discovering unique destinations locally and around the world.

Solo Travel: A Magical Experience!

Mangalore is a magical place. The beach is lonely, and I am alone. No gossips of football, movies, and politics are loitering about my ears. It’s just the sizzling sound of waves that I can hear.

Wait… someone’s talking aloud! It’s my mind. It’s am talking to myself loudly, asking the same question again and again: Is it okay to travel alone? Why are people so reluctant about travelling alone?

I have heard people say things like: I didn’t go anywhere this vacation because I didn’t have anyone to go with.

Really? Is that an excuse for not going out, and staying in your home all the times? Do you also feel traveling alone is boring and weird? If you tend to feel that way, it’s time for you to rework on this notion.

I love to travel with family and friends, but in the recent years I have found myself being addicted to travelling alone! There had been a couple of questions, however, that muddled me before I took ‘solo travel’ as one of my passion.

‘What if I fall sick and nobody is there to take care of me?’

‘What if I am robbed of all my money?’

‘What if I meet an accident, get kidnapped, or get murdered?”

The concerns are genuine. But even when you travel with someone, what’s the guarantee that you’re 100 percent safe? Accidents can befall anytime, and not doing something just because you feel something bad will happen is cowardly. It is just like saying that I don’t drive because vehicles can cause accidents.

With a strong determination, and a strong backup plan, you can really come over all these inhibitions, and take control of your journey. That’s what I did, and I find it very rewarding.

Having travelled a lot, I have had all kinds of experiences. I have realized that all these experiences differ. But there is one thing common: When you travel with someone, you are outside of your head and much in-tuned with people around you. When you travel alone, you tend to be inside your head. You tend to talk a lot to yourself.

I have been to Mysore thrice-once with my friends, once as a part of camera crew to shoot a documentary, and once alone. Though the destination was the same, the experience differed.

My first journey was clandestine getaway-a trip planned by my friends out of the blue.

“Let’s go to Mysore”, my friend and mastermind proposed one day. “Bunking a day of college won’t hurt”.

And we packed for the trip the same day, and left for Mysore early in the morning next day. Not much money we had to expend, so we decided to come back the same day via the jam-packed local passenger train. It was a six hour of tiring return journey without having a place to sit. But the journey was fun: squatting by the door of a moving train, debating all the way about the best beer in the world, about the fastest bullet train, about cannibal tribes of Africa. That was a trip I would seldom forget, a trip that made me experience the true joys being a bohemian.

My second journey was an official one. There were directors, producers, faculties, and students. It was a crowded journey, and we seldom got chance to enjoy the place. For most part of the journey, we were roaming in a claustrophobic vehicle, and much of what we saw was through the camera lens. We were in a rush. The only thing I enjoyed during this journey was the lunch with the producer in Royal club. Few people around us were having shots of Vodka, but we were not allowed to have it. We returned in the same van-our butts glued to seats, backs frozen, and mind bored to death.

7 Fall Activities for Fitness and Fun

With gorgeous foliage and cooler temperatures, fall is the perfect season for outdoor activities. There’s something invigorating about a breezy fall afternoon that quite simply revives the soul. If you’re looking for ideas on making the most of this season, below are a few suggestions for fall activities for fitness and fun.

* Hiking. Whether hiking along a rugged mountain trail or in a wooded area, the time of year is just right for this endeavor. With a sense of adventure in the air, you may find yourself tackling trails that before seemed too challenging. If you own a mobile GPS device, use it to create some new hiking paths.

* Flag football. Reminiscent of a movie scene on a college campus, get together with a few friends for a game of flag football. With high school, college and professional football in full swing, your competitive spirit should be up for the challenge. Flag football is a great way to spend a fall afternoon.

* Jogging or walking. For those who enjoy jogging or walking, fall makes this exercise just a bit more pleasant. Enjoy taking in the sights and sounds of the season on an extra long route on weekend mornings.

* Raking the yard. Who says raking the yard is just hard work? You can actually have some fun with it. Share the task with family members and think of creative ways to make raking a game. No matter who wins, all can enjoy the sense of accomplishment with a cleanly raked yard.

* Bike riding. Another way to get in a solid and enjoyable workout during the fall is to ride your bike. Whether competing in a local race or going for a more leisurely ride, your spirits will soar will when biking on a cool fall day. If you have children, bike riding makes for a nice family activity.

* Yoga. For those who are passionate about yoga, try an outdoor session as the sun sets on a glorious autumn day. The serenity of nature will map to the inner serenity you’ve found. Yoga is such a relaxing form of exercise and meditation, and the fall weather truly compliments this discipline.

* Camping. Finally, if you’d like a weekend filled with both fun and exercise, go camping. Whether setting up camp or scouting for wood for a bonfire, you’ll truly enjoy the camping experience during autumn.

Clearly, fall is a great time of year to pursue countless activities. Whatever you choose to do, enjoy autumn to the fullest. After all, winter is right around the corner.

Five Surprising Benefits of Outdoor Recreation

When it comes to exercise, many people head straight to the gym, preferring to work their muscles on a treadmill or elliptical machine. While gyms are certainly useful and can give an athlete a head start on their fitness goals, nothing quite beats the benefits of nature. For those looking to improve their physical fitness, outdoor recreation can help boost both physical and emotional fitness and health, while also transforming exercise from a dull routine into a fun adventure. Here are five reasons everyone should head outside.

Improve Physique

Outdoor recreation can often be physically demanding, but the sports work different muscles than those static machines at the gym. Instead of doing countless repetitions on a weight machine, try canoeing or go fishing with a friend. The motions of the sports work the arm and core stabilizer muscles in a different way, boosting the effectiveness of a gym workout and improving muscle tone and strength. Best of all, because the movements come with a healthy dose of fun, it won’t feel like exercise!

Engage With Others

Working out in a gym is often a solitary activity. Headphones and televisions often keep people from interacting or conversing as they work out. Outside, whether it’s on a hiking trail or at a golf course, people can talk to each other, turning a solitary activity into a social outing. Once the conversations start, many people find they have more in common with their fellow participants than they expected, resulting in new friendships and new connections.

Unplug From the Daily Grind

Technology is everywhere in daily life. At work, many tasks are completed on a computer, and at home, countless hours are devoted to the television. Heading outside for a walk or sitting in a park gives people the opportunity to unplug and relax. Rather than focusing on a screen, individuals can focus on watching the clouds or observe the way the leaves blow in the wind. Disconnecting from technology gives the mind a chance to rest and reset, reducing anxiety and stress associated with an on-demand society.

Better Sleep and Improved Focus

Anyone who is familiar with spending hours outside in the sun knows that at the end of the day, their body is tired. Outdoor recreation changes up the way the body moves, exercising new muscles and stimulating the mind. Physical activity helps the body relax and makes it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night. Well-rested individuals are better prepared to focus the next day and often see an improvement in the quality of their work.

Develop New Hobbies

Getting outside is a great way to discover new passions and hobbies. Go to a new place, hike a new trail, or play a new sport. Not only will the new experiences help cultivate a passion for the environment, but it will also give individuals an outlet outside of their usual hobbies.

3 Tips for Maintaining Your Sanity on Houseboat Rentals

Houseboating is the rage on lakes all over the country-so much so, that houseboat rentals account for one of the top vacation options in California. They make a great venue for family reunions, business retreats, employee team-building outings, or even just friends group weekends. Spending several days or weeks on the water is bound to be fun, but here are some tips you’ll want to follow to ensure that you maintain your sanity while you’re floating through a scenic wonderland.

Tip 1: Relax, you’re on a houseboat.
Houseboats are made for leisurely meandering through the coves, inlets, and wide open spaces of a lake. There’s no rush here-nowhere you need to be, no phone calls to make, and no deadlines to meet. This is your time to go at your own pace and enjoy the scenery.

Make sure that you and the rest of the clan discuss preferences for activities and the general flow of your vacation. If part of the group wants to engage in rigorous hiking, daring water sports, and breakneck speeds while the rest want to take it slow and easy, you’ll need to work out a compromise that works for all parties involved. This type of agreement is best done before the vacation, because otherwise, it could lead to a fallout-a not-so-awesome development of your fabulous vacation.

Tip 2: Decide finances ahead of time.
Of course, everyone will want to know how much it’s going to cost. There’s one problem–it’s impossible to know this ahead of time. Yes, you can determine the actual split for the rental, deposit, and insurance, but fuel is the great unknown of houseboat rentals. Have everyone pay their share of the deposit and rental ahead of time.

Fuel costs, on the other hand, will depend on how much your boat weighs once all of you are on it, how evenly the weight is distributed, where you go, how far your go, how fast you go, and on and on. Decide in advance how you will split the fuel cost. Then, ask everyone to bring plenty of extra money to foot it (to prevent an after-vacation nightmare of collecting money).

Tip 3: Assign duties.
Someone needs to be in charge-and that someone needs to be organized. Otherwise, you may end up in the middle of the lake without a can opener. If your whole meal plan depends on canned foods, you’re in trouble. You’ll need things like bed linens, towels, and paper plates too, since houseboats don’t normally supply those.

Assign a captain. This person should be an alcohol-free team-player who can get a boat from one point to another without creating a catastrophe. You should also assign a co-captain-someone who can make sure your boat doesn’t run over someone or bump into something when it’s being docked.

Another person needs to be in charge of meals, or if you have multiple cooks, you can assign a head cook for each meal. There is limited space on a houseboat-not all the cooks can be in the kitchen at once.

5 Reasons for Cooking Outdoors

Why should you consider cooking outdoors as part of your lifestyle? There are many reasons why one should consider having outdoor cooking every now and then. Here are five great benefits from outdoor cooking:

1. Outdoor cooking is a stress reliever. How can we say so? Well, when you are cooking outside and having the company of your friends or relatives while enjoying some wine or beer, would you not feel relaxed, at ease and felt like the world is just a background? Surely, I do! Having the people whom you cherish and trust as company while cooking and eating outdoors and enjoying the nature, the sunset or the stars above is surely an excellent way to remove stress.

2. Cooking outdoors means healthy living. We are all conscious of our food intake especially when it comes to meats. Grilling outdoors is a healthy way of cooking foods. Unwanted fatty oils of the meat are dripped off the meat, which means calories are reduced, but nutrients like riboflavin and thiamine are maintained. We also don’t use butter when we grill meats which means healthier food! Veggies that are grilled are also more nutritious, especially those which are low in water content. Aside from being healthy and nutritious, the utmost part is that the food tastes finger-licking good!

3. Cooking outside is practical. How? Cooking indoors makes the house warmer and this could lead to air conditioners inside the house working overtime which also leads to bigger electric bills. To avoid such bills, especially in the summertime, outdoor cooking is the best option! Outdoor kitchens can be used as an entertaining area when celebrations arise. No need to have reservations at a hotel banquet hall and no need to worry about the possible mess inside your house if a party is held outdoors.

4. Outdoor cooking is entertaining. I mean, would you not take the opportunity to show off your cooking skills when friends and family are at your home? The best way to do that is when you have your outdoor kitchen complete with a wood-burning pizza oven! When you are outside socializing with family and friends, you don’t want to be left out on the latest happenings just because you are inside your house cooking while everyone is having fun outside. Cooking in an outdoor oven is an excellent choice for togetherness!

5. Outdoor cooking is valuable. Every penny you invest in your outdoor kitchen is worth it. The real estate value of your home increases because of having this trendy outdoor kitchen for outdoor cooking. When you invest in first class outdoor kitchen appliances, you certainly invest wisely! Having the best outdoor kitchen accessory typically means investing in stainless steel grills and island components. Stainless steel is considered an “all-season steel” because it lasts much longer and doesn’t rust despite the weather conditions it must survive.

Hit the Road With an Outdoor Adventure

First, you need to plan where you would like to go on your outdoor camping trip. Second knowing what your budget for spending might be for your camping trip. If you have older children let them be a part of the planning to where they would like to go and what they would like to do on an outdoor camping trip. If you have younger children you might want to stay closer to home, if this is the first time to be outdoors and spending a night. Children can get fussy and tired riding for a long distance. It is better to be well planned than to start out without a planned trip. Lay out the direction you are going and how far you will have to travel to get there. Make sure you have enough room to carry the essentials who will need for your outdoor adventure.

Here is a list of essentials you might need for your outdoor camping trip.

1) Take a tent or a canopy to stay warm and dry.

2) You will need sleeping bags or hammocks and warm covers.

3) Bring your cooking utensils for cooking outside. If staying in a campground they will have a fire pit to cook on. You will need to buy wood or bring charcoal for cooking. A fire lighter is essential.

4) A lantern will be handy for extra light at night. Flashlights are good to have with you.

5) Having comfortable folding chairs or lounges can be used for sleeping on or just sitting around the campsite.

6) You will need coolers and closed containers to keep your food cold and safe from animals.

7) Outdoor games and activities should be planned to have for that special time with the kids when your out camping. Sharing stories around the campfire are part of camping,

8) Make sure you pack just what you need for clothing, sometimes you can over do it. Always bring a jacket or sweatshirt in case the nights would be cool.

9) Plan your food menu before you leave so you will not bring more than you need for each meal.

10) Always have the healthy snacks for the trip and your camera to take those special pictures to have to enjoy later.

11) Kids like to bring their special toy or animal to sleep with so they feel safe and comfortable.

5 Must Haves For Winters

Winter is love and I enjoy it to my fullest every year. It’s the time of year when my energy is at the maximum because I don’t enjoy much in summers due to the scorching sun shining all over my head. I do skiing, skating, and enjoy some other outdoor play, but still, there are some things I always have to prepare before winters start. Here’s what you need to make your winters worthwhile.

1. Ski

Like I said, I love skiing so I need ski shoes and boats. Go to a local sports store where commercial playground equipment is available and there you will easily find ski items, too. I usually shop in September as it is the time when great variety is available and store staff treats you well, too, because they have a plenty of time.

2. Skates

Just like skiing, I love skating and I need skates every winter, both for myself and my kids. I have seen some used pairs available at multiple sports shops and I was surprised to see their condition. They were good enough for the use of both young and adults, so make sure you get some of these to make the most of coming winters.

3. Beauty Products

In winters, skin gets very dry and sometimes, even itchy due to the central heat. I always prefer keeping coconut oil at my home in winters and I moisturise my kids with it. However, I also buy some winter creams and lotions to make sure my children’s skin does not get affected. Some of the brands I have tried including Nature’s Baby Organics, Earth Mama Angel Baby, and California Baby have given fruitful results.

4. Lip Balm

Just like skin, lips get dry a lot during winters. Therefore, I always keep a lip balm in my bag and keep one in each of my kid’s pocket. This way, I reduce the chances of forgetting it before getting out. In case you can’t find a decent chapstick or lip balm, try moisturizing lips with coconut oil. It has done wonders for me, to be honest. If it doesn’t suit you, you can also try simple butter and Aquaphor as a lip balm. However, try to use them in a little amount so that it won’t irritate you.

5. Snow Gear

When you get the first unexpected snow, you need readily available things like snowshoes, gloves, pants, hats, and coats. Kids get so excited when it’s the first snow of the year and all they want is to go outside and make a snowman and take pictures. Therefore, your snow gear must be prepared beforehand so that you won’t miss that lovely time of the year.

Some schools even ask for a snow kit, and if you don’t get your kid one, it will end up him being indoors while his peers are out in the snow jiggling and giggling around. I am sure you would hate it so much, so avoid doing it. You can save a good amount if you shop in March for snow gear as there isn’t a demand for these things during a hot weather.

In a Nutshell

Winters are almost here, and you should now prepare yourself to make the most of the lovely weather. All you need is some advanced planning and a little effort to enjoy winters at its fullest. However, don’t forget to take measures for health protection as it’s the time for an infectious outburst. Aren’t the given tips simple enough to make your winters momentous?